Miss Peregrine

(Contains spoilers)

Ransom Riggs – Miss Peregrine’s Home For Perculiar Children



Miss Peregrine’s Home For Perculiar Children from Ransom Riggs tells the story of the 16 year old Jacob. As a little boy, Jacob was the best of friends with his grandfather Abe, who always told the most wonderous stories about his childhood and all the adventures he had lived through. When Abe was only a child himself, he used to live in an orphanage. And in Abe’s stories, the other children Β who lived there had the most peculiar gifts. From a girl who could float several feet above the ground, to a boy who was completely invisible. Abe had also a collection of old pictures of these children, showing their abilities. But when Jacob started to get older, he started to find it more and more unlikely these things really happened and after a while he just thinks the stories where some fantasies of a traumatized and a slightly dementing old man. Until one day Jacob gets a call of his grandfather, begging for Jacob to come to his house to help him because his life was in danger. As quick as he can, Jacob goes over to Abe’s house, but there was nothing he could anymore. When Jacob arrives, he found the lifeless body of his grandfather in the woods behind the house. And at that moment, Jacob’s life will change forever. Mourning over his dead grandfather’s body, Jacob suddenly stares into the face of a monster so gruesome it will haunt him for weeks. Nobody believes what Jacob saw and even Jacob himself starts to fear he might go insane.

These events eventually take Jacob to the island and the orphanery from Abe’s childhood, where Jacob will try to decipher and unravel all the stories and sectrets of Abe’s past. There, on the island Jacob accidentaly discovers a portal that leads to a place where it always was and always will be the third of September, 1940. Here Jacob meet a bunch of children from the stories Abe always used to tell. All these children truely had the most perculiar gifts. But, they all had to hide from the common world for two reasons. First, by creating a loop, they managed to escape from death and Β second, the children are being threatened by the horrible monsters, the “wights”. Those were the monsters who haunted Jacob for weeks and who killed his beloved grandfather. After an attack and the children’s headmistress miss Peregrine, Jacob decides to leave his family behind and to stay with the children and there headmistress miss Peregrine. They all leave their save home, the orphanage, to go and seek for the wights, and to defeat them once and for all.

The main reason why I chose this particular, was because one of the reviews said that this book might be “the new Harry Potter”. And well, as a huge Harry Potter fan, I got totally excited and bought it. Well guys, to be hones, it was nothing like it. Okay, the book was good, the story-line was something new, but to beat – the love of my life – Harry Potter, Ransom Riggs will have to come up with something better. I didn’t feel connected to the characters at all, everybody could have died and I wouldn’t really have cared.

But, I really liked the dynamic between the story and the creepy pictures, those added a whole new dimension to the whole experience. And, I’m not gonna lie, I will probable buy the other books in the series, just because I’m am a little curious about the sequels.

But I’ve read that this book was the debut of Riggs, so maybe the sequels are better, who knows. When I’ve read them, you can read all about them here on my blog.

Stay tuned,

From Cubbie, with love

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