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Over the knee boots


Christmas was just a few days ago, but I’m already absolutely loving my gifts. Especially these gorgeous over the knee boots I got from my mom. Okay, I specifically asked for these and we ordered them together, but still, these are to die for. I’ve been looking for these kind of boots for a long time now, but they always seemed to be out of stock everywhere. And when I finally thought I found the perfect ones on the website of river island, they sold out the minute I wanted to order 😦

But, not all was lost, since a couple of hours later I found these beauties on the website of public desire. I had never heard of this website, but I’m glad I found it because they have the largest amount of beautiful over the knee boots I had yet seen on a website. So if any of you girls (or boys) want to order these, there will be a link at the bottom of the page!

My biggest fear was that these boots would rather look a bit trashy and I was warned by a couple of friends they might look that way. And I must say, when they came out of the box, I feared people would give me weird looks. Until one of my friends reminded me of something I say a lot to my own friends when they’re in doubt over someone else’s opinion, that I should not care if I feel comfortable myself. And hell yes, I feel amazing in these shoes. I feel elegant and a dash of sexy. So ladies, get a pair yourself to spice up your outfits.

From Cubbie, with love


Β JOver the knee boots – Public Desire (janine boots)


Oversized jumper – Zara

Coat – Bershka



-Grey oversized jumper (http://www.zara.com/be/en/woman/knitwear/oversized-sweater-c269190p3275094.html)

-Over the knee boots (http://www.publicdesire.co.uk/janine-over-the-knee-boots-in-black-faux-suede.html)


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