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A little studybreak

After all this studying that is going on the last couple of weeks, I really needed to take a break. And not just to sit around and watch a movie or something, no, to really be out in the open, go to the city and stroll past the stores. I needed to buy some more presents, so I had a fairly good excuse as well!

And because it is still really warm outside, I could easily wear a skirt and no coat. I somehow I still managed to sweat enormously when I got at the busstop. I’m sorry to whoever was on that bus with me..

But that be said, here’s my oufit I wore that day. I’m wearing my favourite fringed backpack, wich I take with me everywhere, whenever I have the possebility because it’s actually quite small.

I hope you all had a lovely day and it’s time to get prepared for new year’s eve (once I’m done studying ofcourse).

From Cubbie, with love


12438773_10205347869471901_847206337_oHat – Pull & Bear

Jumper – H&M

Necklace – H&M

Skirt – Vero Moda12436483_10205347865151793_1839561550_o


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