Legend (3.5/5)

So, at last I’ve finished a book again I can write a proper review about. The last weeks I had been completely lost in the first book of GOT, but, because of my exams it took ages for me to finally finish it. I didn’t quiet feel like reviewing that book for the simple reason I can’t form my opinion on it yet, I’ll let you know after I’ve read more of the series.

Moving on from GOT, I decided I wanted to read something smaller, lighter, something that of wich I knew I would probably read it in 2 days. And indeed, Legend by Marie Lu was a book I couldn’t put down before it was finished. I got the trilogy for Christmas, so I didn’t really know what the story was about and whilst doing some research and reading several interviews, I couldn’t figure out if the books were going to be worth the time of not. Everyone was very divided. When some said it was the most amazing book they ever read, other absolutely hated it. So, I just took a leap in the dark and went for it. And I must say, I got somewhere stuck in the middle while deciding if I liked the book or not.

The things I liked: As I already mentioned, I finished the book in about 2 days. It was fun to read, the story kept you lingering to discover how it would end and it had some interesting developments.The story is set in a dystopian world, but contrary to some other books in this genre, the world is more complex and detailled. You discover it not by long, boring descriptions but through the story itselfs, while following the characters around.

Also, I’m a sucker for Sherlock-like characters and both of the main characters, June and Day, are like this. Very intelligent, observant and this results in the reader being overflowed by details, without it getting boring to be clear.

The things I didn’t like: First of all, it bothered me that the main characters fell deeply in love the moment they laid eyes on each other, comparable to what happens in Twilight. I just don’t understand why writers do this and especially in this case in just doesn’t make sense. First, they don’t know each other at all, you can’t feel such a deep love for someone as these two apparently do just based on looks. Second, June thinks (spoiler) Day killed her brother and somewhat further in the story June is indirectly responsable for the death of Day’s mother. I just don’t believe you can love someone you barely know and that has presumably killed your family so deeply. IT DOENSN’T MAKE ANY SENSE.

Second of all, I don’t like the fact that the June and Day have the “I’m the main character and I’m perfect in everything”-syndrom. Ofcourse, the story wouldn’t be as exciting as it was now if the mains were two complete losers, but come on guys, keep it (somewhat) realistic.

And at last, the story isn’t very “new”. These dystopian stories with some teens who rebel against the government and eventually flee with her/his loved, we’ve all read/seen this one. But that doesn’t take away I just really enjoy to read these kind of novels.

So, my overall opinion on this book is that is was good and I enjoyed it a lot, but it’s nothing ground breaking. I would really recommend it for those who like The Hunger Games and those kind of stories and those who want to sit back, relax with some tea and get taken away.

From Cubbie, with love.


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