Prodigy (4/5) and champion (5/5)

Today I finished the last book in the Legend trilogy, “Champion”. And oh my god, it was an absolute rollercoaster of everything. The reason I’m reviewing Prodigy and Champion together is because I felt that the second book was some sort of “build-up” towards the final book. Like most trilogies, the first book introduces its world and characters, lets you have a first taste of all its wonders and lets you lingering for more. That was indeed the case with Legend. Then, the second book, Champion, was exactly what second books in trilogies mostly are, a build-up to the final book. It’s always good to have this, it makes you more attached to the characters and you’ll get the chance to get more sucked into this world. Therefore Prodigy wasn’t as full of action or intriguing as the first book, but unlike others I can genuinely appreciate this. Otherwise there might be a chance that you, as a reader, aren’t completely into the story before the final climax. Prodigy was everything a second book had to be and I loved it. It expressed more clearly the difference between Day and June, something wich I criticized in the first book. Although June and Day are still impossibly great at everything, you can define some important differences between them. Day is much more emotional, follows his instincts and fights for his loved ones with everything in his hearth. June is much more logical and will always analyze before jumping into action, even if a loved one is in terrible danger. This makes me like Day a lot more than June. I didn’t always agree with her and didn’t like the way she judged people who aren’t as perfect as she was.Β Luckily, this all got better in the last book. I really noticed the difference between Legend June and Day and Champion June and Day. They just matured so much because of everything that had happened to them. I think Marie-Lu did an awesome job here, because it’s just great to see characters develop as the storie continues and you kind of develop with them.

The last book, man, it was amazing. The book had such a high pace, so much action and cliffhangers it was nearly impossible to put it down. Especially the last 100 pages. They really kept me going, I’ve read them in one go, whilst I was working hehe, and when it was over, I felt really sad actually. Not because the ending was bad, no, the ending was one of the best ending I’ve ever read but because I wouldn’t be able to continue to follow June and Day in their lives. As I said, I absolutely loved it. It wasn’t particularly the most happy ending, but it didn’t leave me crashed down in a eternal depressed state either. I just kind of sighed, closed the book, sad and happy at the same time and started sobbing because it was all over. And now I already know that this is a bookseries I will read again and again throughout the years.

So, if anybody would ask me “Hey, do you know any good YA series?”, I would just grab the Legend-trilogy and throw them at their faces, this much I want everybody to read these. The next book I’ll be reading will probably be “City of bones” by Casandra Clare, so I’ll keep you updated on that book as well!

Have very very nice day and as always,

From Cubbie, with love.




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