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Pink coat – leather pants


Hi everybody!

Today’s look is a combination of old and new. The old, my chelsea boots from H&M from last winter (not this year but 2014) wich I absolutely adore because they go with everything and my candy pink coat I also got in winter 2014 from the website Sheinside.com. I don’t really wear this coat that often because it is a tad to small and I can only comfortably wear this with a light blouse or something like that.

The new, my striped shirt from H&M (vertical stripes for once, after “hundreds” of horizontal ones) that I’ve been combining with almost everything lately and my new bag from Primark. This bag is so practical, all my other bags are either too big or either way too small (or my backpack) and this one I find just perfect. I can store my (way too big, I know, I need to get a smaller one) purse in it, together with everything else I might need during the day without getting completely lost in the deep, dark depths  of my bag.

And then, my “inbetween” piece, my faux leather pants. I bought these a couple of months ago online at bershka.be during the sales. I’ve been looking for one for ages and I really liked the one from Zara, but I didn’t want to pay  €50 for a pair of pants. So, this one from Bershka – that was only €20- was a great substitute. Only downside, the little patches don’t really stretch which kinda hurt my thights after a long day of sitting. Oh well, the pays of beauty hehe. I hope you liked this outfit, let me now if you do and I will see you next week (in an outfitpost ofcourse).

From Cubbie, with love.



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