Beauty – lipstick favourite

Hello everyone!

Well, this is a first, a “beauty” post. Why I’ve put beauty between brackets? Because I hardly now anything about make-up and beauty and I won’t be giving tutorials or something like that, I’ll just share my own experiences and the products I really enjoy.

So, moving on to the actual subject of this post, the lipstick. The last couple of weeks/months of been going on and on about this to anyone who ever commented on my lipstick or just mentioned it. And it’s just because I absolutely love this lipstick. You might be surprised when I’ll tell what “brand” these are from. They’re from Hema. Yeah, it may sound strange but oh dear, they are fantastic and they’re called the soft matte lipbalms. The colours are beautiful (they’ve just added some new colours, yay!) and pigmentate very well, they feel super soft on the lips and, this may sound strange, they smell amazing, which I think is also a good feature. And the best thing of this all? They only cost €4.75, so you won’t lose a fortune by buying multiple colours.

I must say, I also have lipsticks from Chanel and Mac, but I honestly think they’re not that great, especially given the price you buy them at (about €30). So, looking at the price-quality rate, I must say these lipbalms from Hema are a good value for your money.

To summarize, if you are a big fan of lipsticks and want almost every colour there is on this world but you are a little short on money (ah, the life of a college student), then I defenitely think you should at least try one of these lipbalms from Hema. And if you don’t like it, well, it was only €5, which is much better than regretting buying that Mac lipstick for €30. Let me know if any of you ever tried them and what you guys think of them!

Down below I’ll show the colours I have together with a little swatch.


From Cubbie, with love. (Down below my favourite of all!)




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