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Boyfriend jeans – striped jumper


Good evening (or whenever you are reading this)! Today there is, as always, a new outfitpost! This time I’m wearing my new boyfriend jeans from Primark combined with two of my go-to pieces, my black leather jacket and my striped jumper. These last two pieces have been in my closet for a really long time and I think, as long as they don’t fall apart, I’ll be wearing these for ever and ever and ever.

I had been looking for boyfriend jeans which had the “right amount” of holes/ripps in them and that were – ofcourse- not too expensive. So these jeans were a great option, only €20, the only downside is the hight of the waist. I prefer high waist jeans, because of my short legs :(, and the waist of these jeans are only mid-rise. Not to bad, better than low-rise, but even so, my legs look kind of short and that makes my really self conscious. Oh well!

The white sneakers I’m wearing are almost fossils. I’ve bought these 6 years ago, when I was 12 and I never really got rid of them, so now that these babies are back on trend, I feel very lucky to still have these because new ones would be expensive.

What do you think about these jeans? I hope you all have an amazing week!

From Cubbie, with love.











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