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April wishlist

Hello everybody! A new month, which means a new wishlist!

My last wishlist was quite a succes, for me, because I did found a lot of the stuff I was hoping to find that month. The pink bomber, the checkered trousers, only the big silver necklace is still missing from my collection, I haven’t really found one that I liked.

So, a new month, new wishlist, this time 3 items I’ve spotted, mostly from Zara actually!

Nude platforms, silver backpack and shirt dress














sunglasses – backpack – shoes – shirtdress – watch

The silver backpack I first discovered on one of the vlogs of the YouTube star Zoella and she was absolutely rocking it. So when I came across this beauty in Zara I reaaaally started doubting if I should buy it or not. And well, as so often, I kind of regret not buying this backpack. So I thought this bag would be a great addition for my spring/summer bagcollection – as far as I have a “bagcollection”- and because it’s only €20 I just can’t let it stand there, screaming at me.

Moving on to the shoes. Oh God, I really need them. Because I am so tiny, flat shoes don’t always suit me all that well, so the best solution is to wear platforms. And these babies in this pretty nude colour would be perfect, for I have an enormous amount of black shoes. I need shoes in this light, neutral colour for spring and summer, or I’ll be wearing black all year long (not such a bad idea actually).

And at last, a shirtdress. It just seems so comfy and handy because you can wear it in a lot of different ways. Casual with flats or a bit chique with a hat and heels.




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