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How to wear: choker

Hello my lovely readers! This week I purchased something which I actually hated for a long time but now seem to quite like: the choker necklace. I think my loathing for this piece of jewelry came from the early 2000 when I saw “the big girls” (big, as in older than me) wear these typical 90’s chokers (I’ll insert a picture underneath to aid picturing it).image3xxl.jpg

And for some reason I reaaaaally hated those chokers and I still kind of do now. So when I read that the choker-trend was back on, I couldn’t help myself but to let out a big groan. I feared that my traumas from 2000-2002 would come back with this trend so I never really paid attention on how they’d look in 2016. Well, mistakes were made, but I can only learn from them. One day, whilst scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across this picture of blogger weworewhat who was absolutely rocking this awesome choker (check out her feed for more choker inspiration btw!). And from that moment I decided the time had arrived for me to begin my search for a good choker necklace.

Well that moment arrived last Tuesday when my friend and I were in Primark, you now, just looking (yeah right). And there I found it, budget friendly and very pretty. Not too much ‘in your face’, but it had something about itself you know? Just a simple velvety black strap with a gold/black beaded flower in the middle. I’ll post pictures down below!

(only one minority, it was too big 😦 that’s why you see those staples, the quickest and most efficient way of solving my problem hehe).

So then I thought, maybe there are other girls having the same problem as me and maybe they’d like some choker-inspiration! Well, I’ve searched for some cool pieces and I’ve put together 3 outfits for 3 different occasions.


choker set.jpg

top – shorts – choker – bag – bandana – sandals

other festivalish chokers:

image1xxl   buy here         image1xxl (2)   buy here        image1xxl (1)


buy here

A night out

choker set 2.jpg

dress – shoes – watch – choker – lipstick

other great chokers for a night out:

download (1) buy here                         download     buy here                  image1xxl (3)  buy here


choker set 3.jpg

cropped top – cigarette trousers – sandals – choker – bag – earrings

other casual chokers:

image1xxl (4)     buy here                      image1xxl (5)    buy here                       image1xxl (6).jpg  buy here


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