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What if I was very rich and could buy everything on sale?

As you could probably tell by the title, this blogpost will show you what I’m lusting for in this seasons sales but unfortunately my bank account won’t allow me to buy. You may or may not know (or maybe you’re in the same situation as I am, I feel ya) but here in Belgium exams are about to start, so many students like myself spend their days locked in their bedrooms, “studying”.

(StudyingΒ – verb-Β Sitting in a room at your desk with your books open, whilst searching the internet for those online sales)

So Β naturally, I have “saved items” lists on a good amount of websites, full of sales of which I know I probably won’t get my hands on. But hey, where’s the fun in having everything (and yes I just am trying to cheer myself up).

So, let’s not linger on the fact I’m an awful example for a student and how I really should be learning, and let me show you the outfits I’ve put together.

#1 A hint of

A hint of
Because culottes won’t go anywhere this spring and I’m really digging mules atm. Only downside, I don’t think they would be the most comfortable shoes to strut around at school.(Oh and, if you would like to shop any of these items, the little pictures are clickable and will take you to the website!) Best thing of all? This whole look (yes, including shoes and watch) is only a little over 100 EUR.
#2 Green fluff
Green fluff
This look is on the more expensive side, but I am so so so in love with this one. This is basically a bunch of winter trends thrown together and it still manages to look fab. I really like the embroidered jeans trend and I’m seriously doubting if I should get these jeans myself now (that’s what you get for starring to long at sales). Note: some of these items are not in sale (e.g. the blouse and the fishnet socks), but I liked them so much I just had to include them in this look. Plus, they’re very reasonably prized.
#3 Stars and sprackle
Stars and sparkle
At some point in creating this outfit I started thinking “hmm, maybe this needs a pop of colour”. But who am I kidding? All black everything is more often than not my mantra when styling an outfit. And I think the metallic biker jacket just gives this outfit something extra that it doesn’t really require any colour. I mean, how cool does that jacket look? It lifts any outfit to that “blogger” level imo.
Soooo, what do you think of my picks? Did I trigger your own inner shopping addict to come out? Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon!
Kisses, Eline

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